Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophy
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Fantasy Football Trophies and Awards

Over the last few years many of us have probably heard of fantasy football from either a co-worker or family member. We probably didn’t quite know what to say, as they rambled on about how well their quarterback played and how many points their team had scored. It likely came across as if this whole ‘fantasy football’thing was too complicated, the team owners were delusional, and they spoke a ‘foreign language’ that faintly resembled what you understood to be ‘football’. But what if….just maybe….you wanted to jump in and play? What if you could draft your own team, comprised of real actual football players who had the best projections and stats? Then imagine setting up the starting line-ups each week, based on real-life events like injuries and possible ‘breakout players’ that are showing more promise than projected. Which fantasy players are performing higher in their scores and might be sleepers, just waiting for an opportunity to be a star player? Or perhaps you feel it’s time to sell off or trade out a player because they are looking like a total bust, at worst, or a comeback player at best. It’s a gamble, really! That all sounds like a ‘real-life fantasy’ management position that you might actually enjoy! So you google, ‘play fantasy football’…. and the games begin!

Certainly this is how it all starts with everyone who plays this fantasy game. They heard about it from someone, who heard about it from someone else. (Probably a braggadocious Fantasy football League Champion award winner) And it sounds fun! It sounds almost like something someone could do, even with limited knowledge of how real football is played or how to pick season players that will build the best roster. Well, just for fantasy sake, let’s play this scenario out for a few minutes, and do some basic 101 fantasy football research. We might even go so far as to take part in a mock draft as a preseason trial run. It would be smart (and responsible) ‘team ownership’ to see if we are gonna be any good at this. Or if we may, in fact, end up being the biggest bust as far as fantasy football management goes. Some of us have seen a few last place Fantasy football trophies for this, and they are cool.

For those who heard about fantasy football from a friend it shouldn’t be difficult to get started. Just join their league and play ball, so to speak. Just remember, that friend that invited you to come be your own fantasy football manager/owner is also going to be playing against you. (smiles) Perhaps this is part of the lure of the ‘sport’, competing against all the know-it-all football fans in the family. In fantasy, of course. (smiles again) Any readers who might fall into the above mentioned category, feel free to jump in and share your football victories and defeats with us as we continue to charge into the strange world of fantasy football, in pursuit of whether or not it is something we might enjoy and possibly even be good at. After all, if you’re going to own and manage a fantasy football team, you might as well go for first place prize! Those fantasy champions, so to speak, get the really cool Fantasy awards! Fantasy or not, the awards are real.

Before anything else is noted here, let’s take a second and thank the man who started fantasy football back in 1962. His name was Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winckenbach. COOL NAME! He was a limited partner with the Oakland Raiders. Bill Tunnel and Scotty Stirling helped him to develop the first inaugural league called the GOPPPL-Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators. The first fantasy football draft was in Mr. Winkenbach’s living room, aka the rumpus room, and consisted of eight members (teams). From there, the strange new football league continued to grow after another of the original GOPPPL members Andy Mousalimas inroduced the game to his bar, the King’s X, in 1969. The original roster, often referred to as the “grandaddy of all fantasy football leagues” looks like this: Two quarterbacks, two kickers, two defensive backs, four halfbacks, six wide receivers/tight ends, one return team, and a bonus pick for any position. Thank you, Mr. Winkenbach, and thank you to all who have contributed to both the creation and the progression of this unique culture-crossing fantasy sports game! There is surely an awesome Perpetual fantasy football trophy somewhere with all of your names on it!

Fantasy Football Trophy
Crystal Fantasy Football Award

As is the case with most original games fantasy football has branched off into a variety of different leagues with an assortment of ways to both play and score the game. Some of the more popular fantasy football leagues are head-to-head, total points league, Auction, and Empire Leagues. Often a fantasy league will be a mix of several composition styles. A fair amount of leeway and flexibility is found in the ways that leagues conduct their drafts, weekly line-ups, number of players per team (usually 15), waiver wires (used to add free agent players to the roster based on priority), and starters. Some leagues go all out with their top fantasy football trophies and awards, while others do not. Popular best selling fantasy footballs awards include the Fantasy Trophies Armchair Quarterback, FFL (Fantasy Football League) Monster Victory trophy, the SLD Chrome Football perpetual trophy, Fantasy football Breakout award, and last but not least the biggest loser fantasy football trophy, which is usually The Crapper. Fantasy football team owners/managers are the ones who name their team and choose how to both design and name their trophies and awards. This sounds like a lot of fun, actually! It also means that the sky is the limit when it comes to fantasy football trophy and award creations. Whether a team decides to go with a traditional award, like a Fantasy football Championship ring or belt, or a custom one-of-a-kind fantasy-themed trophy, customization is usually easy enough and adds that special personalized touch. Just as with traditional football, fantasy football leagues often have a prized large Perpetual fantasy football champion trophy that is handed off at the end of each season to the winner.

Apparently there are plenty of options when considering how one wishes to play fantasy football. As mentioned earlier, when folks are joining up with a league based on invitation from someone they know, it helps narrow the playing field. For those who desire to be part of the NFL leagues, with the more established rules of play and conduct, there are plenty to choose from. Whichever route is chosen, however, it seems safe to say that this is a game that is here to stay and one that is sure to bring an entirely different roster of players to the field of sports.

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