Employee Recognition empower your employees!

Employee Recognition empower your employees!

Before you click on last year’s order for this year’s awards, let’s talk about it! The business of producing personalized gifts and awards has grown quite a bit, and so has the ability to deliver them quickly and affordably. The biggest reason this business has grown is because more and more companies are realizing the benefits of employee rewards. They are seeing better employee retention, better work attendance, and just happier more productive people in their work places. So let’s talk about a few of those advantages while you are here to pick out your next order of employee recognition awards. Perhaps there are some ways to fine tune the process of giving service appreciation gifts in order to be sure that it is accomplishing the goal of your company. Company incentive rewards must contribute in a variety of ways, and be affordable, or they are a waste of money all the way around.Employee Recognition Award

First, what specific work-related performance is being awarded? Are the objectives/aims/goals well defined and outlined for the employees? Do they know what they are shooting for? It may seem like a trite question, but one might be amazed at how vague some of these mission statements are. Are they obtainable, and how long will each step take? What motivation is being used to encourage employee progression? When people know what they are working towards, and that their efforts will pay off, they tend to move forward with clarity, determination, and momentum. Is the reward system laying out what is expected and what the employee bonus will be when the desired results are achieved?

Second-Do the company mission statements line up accordingly with the direction that the business is currently taking? Maybe it’s not about the same thing that it was about a few years ago. If the business has changed it’s vision, so to speak, then it is a good idea to keep the employees abreast of this. Time sensitive promotions, campaigns, and competitions are all quite effective ways to boost company awareness and growth. They are often multi-leveled and phased in such a way that affords many areas to reward. For instance, a group company project might call for one year to complete. Each month employees know what steps need to be taken for that specific month. They know if they reach the first step, the first level, the first award, they take the next step. It might be advisable to offer several areas of workmanship awards, as it seems to promote better group awareness and participation.

Third-Will the employee reward match the challenge? Is it worth an employees time, energy and effort to even jump for the stars? If perfect attendance for a year gets me a key ring, and I don’t even carry a key chain, then I’m not really going to worry if I have to call out or miss a day or two. If I like the companies custom coffee cups though, and I know that my extra efforts to be to work on time, every day, for say, a month…and I too can have my own personalized cup! Well, that seems reasonable and worth the effort. Employee gets company cup, employer gains a month of dedicated time, no interruption. Simple. Of course this is just one example of how employee rewards really motivate or not. In order for recognition gifts to work, they need to match the mission, so to speak. Paying attention to this seemingly simple question will also build employer/employee relations. How? Because it will demonstrate to the work staff that the company cared to notice if they were pleased with their incentive gifts or if they were disgruntled, because maybe they really didn’t need or want another box of custom pens or another wall calendar. Not knocking those ideas at all, by the way. Just saying that employee gifts have come a long way and they need to cover a vast variety of work environments. The effort it takes to make sure the gifts of gratitude match up to the work it takes to acquire them will be worth it.

Employee Award PlaqueThere are a thousand and one ways to say thank you, job well done, and just as many reasons to do so! Service personnel-the working men and women across every field of employment- appreciate being appreciated! So it just seems smart business to be sure that what is being offered, as tokens of gratitude, are actually rewards that employees will be happy and honored to receive. Be sure that the company goals and objectives are freshly renewed and outlined for employees who are looking for ways to excel and succeed. When a work force sees clearly the steps before them, and they are encouraged and rewarded for their contributions, it only serves to rejuvenate the business as a whole.

Employee empowerment and motivation through achievement-based reward systems is proving to be quite an effective way to breed success in any business. As a trophy and award company we recognize the value in staying informed on the progression and success of these systems. Our mission is to deliver quality recognition gifts that exceed expectation and thereby continue to help companies around the world who are looking for ways to honorably award their top employees.

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